Lectures 2019 Spring

Details of the 2019 Spring programme of lectures may be found below. The entrance fee to each lecture is currently £8 for members and £10 for non-members.


Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Road, London NW1 6XT

Directions for getting to Steiner House may be found here.

Doors Open 6.45 p.m. Lecture begins at 7.15 p.m.

Friday February 22nd – Geoff Stray

THE CHARTRES LABYRINTH MYSTERY – a pre-recorded lecture

This recording of a lecture given by Geoff Stray, to Glastonbury Positive Living Group in 2016, is the culmination of his eleven years of research. In 2006, Geoff was walking across the 800-year-old Labyrinth in Chartres Cathedral when he noticed circles of light moving across it. A search for an explanation in all of the books in the cathedral bookshop revealed nothing (though one single guidebook dismissively mentioned a similar light in the transept that was installed 500 years later, in 1701). The strange phenomenon was conspicuous by its absence.

Further research showed that all printed sources were silent on the phenomenon, so a Chartres specialist was consulted – a student of Keith Critchlow (professor of architecture specialising in sacred geometry, who has studied Chartres Cathedral for over 40 years). His student had visited Chartres six times, particularly to study the Labyrinth, but had never noticed any lights on it. Somehow everyone had missed this “elephant in the living room”.

Geoff returned in 2011 to film the real “son et lumière” — as you will see during his talk — and took a further six years to crack open the mystery, which solves a question people have been asking for years about Chartres: “What is the purpose of those unique ‘cusps’ that surround the Chartres Labyrinth?” Labyrinths at the cathedrals of Amiens, Rheims, Poitiers and Sens were all built after Chartres; and all were destroyed, (though Amiens has been rebuilt) and none of them had cusps.

The conclusion will be controversial, but only to historians and the clergy. To the open-minded, it will seem suddenly obvious. Members of the audience may be inspired to become involved in this Labyrinth Mystery, by going to Chartres themselves to check the findings independently, and hopefully to find the hypothetical smoking gun.

Geoff Stray is the author of “Beyond 2012” and “The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars” in the Wooden Book series. He also wrote a little book called “Mysteries of the Long Count”, and in 2018 produced an anthology of stories called “Mendip Madness” about his encounters while driving a bus around Somerset. He also drives the tour-bus for the Megalithomania conference (held annually in May). His recent publication is entitled “Glastonbury Underground: Searching for the Lost Treasure of Avalon”.

Friday March 29th – Neil Hague


The role of the visionary throughout history has been to unveil the hidden realms of the imagination. In his books, Neil goes into greater depth regarding the multidimensional aspect of humanity and the esoteric symbolism that speaks of the Gnosis and what prevents humanity from achieving higher states of consciousness.

Neil offers a personal insight, knowledge of the Gnostic Cathar, as well as the deeper spiritual practices and beliefs of the Cathars or ‘Cathari’ (which means ‘pure’ in Greek). Branding those the Cathars as ‘wandering heretics’, by the Third Lateran Council (1179) and the Vatican, ultimately led to the removal of the Cathar priests (the Bons Hommes and Bonnes Femmes) called the ‘Parfait’. The ‘Parfait’ (or perfecti) were said to display real sanctity, humility and asceticism for those that heard them preach about the ‘Light of the World’.

Neil will be talking about the subjects in his book “Through Ancient Eyes”, from Gnosticism to stars, especially the Orion constellation and shedding light on new content, which is becoming the subject of a new book due out in 2020.

Neil Hague is a UK metaphysical artist, authorial illustrator and lecturer, originally trained in graphics and book publishing. Over the past eighteen years he has developed a ‘unique’ vision through his unique style of art and creativity. One that has been described as both spiritual and ‘neo-shamanic’ by people who have heard him lecture or who have seen his work.

Neil has lectured on alternative history, symbolism, creativity, mythology and the power of the imagination since 2004. His highly visual presentations are thought provoking, speak directly to the subconscious mind and more importantly to the heart of those that hear his words. He is currently writing a new book about the Gnosticism and Orion and giving tours of the Cathar lands in France in 2019.

Friday January 25th – Joseph MacDermott


After the publication of the book “Twelve Tribe Nations”, by John Michell & Christine Rhone, in 1991, John Michell (1933 – 2009) subsequently published, in 2000, a supplement to the twelfth chapter of the book. He entitled it: “The Temple at Jerusalem: A Revelation”. In this book, John examined again the possible site of the original Temple, supposedly built for Solomon, using the measures described in several places in the scriptures.

This lecture offers Joseph MacDermott a chance to continue the exposition of the numerous ‘revelations’ presented by these two books. The lecture material also touches on a number of coincidences and experiences stemming from the religious nature and long history of the old city, from the Caesars to the British mandate and the birth of the State of Israel 70 years ago.

Joseph is presently a member of RILKO’s Voluntary Council. In the late 1960’s, he spent six years in a religious society, who for some time have been the custodians of a famous site in the old city of Jerusalem. He is a member of the historical order of the Knights Hospitaller of St. John of Jerusalem and he is also a member of the controversial British Israelites. Joseph hopes that RILKO’s opening lecture, beginning their ‘Golden Jubilee’ year in 2019, may offer yet more revelations!